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Flute recording session (2017)
Monday night with Max! (2017)
Recording Session (2017)
Enjoyed showcasing the pedagogical works of Sophie Dufeutrelle with the UO Flute Studio!
OBFCS Staff (2016)
GANG Scholars at GDC '16
With Dr. Robert Kyr (2016)
GDC '16
With Winifred Phillips at GDC '16
Playing pit at Long Lake Camp (2015)
The Number of Times a Wheel Turns
w/Estelí Gomez and performers ('15)
w/Lilac94 (2014)
Fresh Inc Festival Composers (2014)
With Dr. Jennifer Jolley (2014)
Orchestra soloists (OWU 2013)
Portals with Elese Daniel (2013)
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