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Seraphyn Wake suite


These three tracks are my Suite from Seraphyn Wake, the soundtrack of Seraphyn's hero origin story. 

"In the distant future, but in a world not unlike our own, human and alien peoples inhabit the city of Edimantra. They coexist, but not very well. Humans routinely discriminate against the alien peoples, whom are broadly referred to as Caelans, and true equality is not in sight. In Edimantra lives Seraphyn Wake, a young woman making a living as a private eye. She is by far the best at her trade in the city, and her reputation precedes her. Many wonder how she does it, but none would question her methods. The truth is, Seraphyn has a secret that must not be revealed or else her way of life be changed forever: She is half Caelan although she appears to be human."

Narrative and music by Rebecca Larkin.

Demo Reel

2016 – 2017

Horror excerpt (0:00) - unused audio track from a horror film project. Featuring myself on flute. [audio only]

Exquisite Corps (1:39) - Ludum Dare 35 game jam submission. SFX and VO by Will Bucknum

Joe Photon (3:01) - Global Game Jam '17 submission. [Music collaboration with Mike Jones]

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